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Make Unforgettable Memories! slumber party hire

Make Unforgettable Memories! slumber party hire

Make Unforgettable Memories! slumber party hireMake Unforgettable Memories! slumber party hireMake Unforgettable Memories! slumber party hire

Frequently Asked Questions


How much space do i need per tee pee for a slumber night?

Our set up can vary.

You will need 2.1m length with breakfast tray. The width of each tee pee measures at 1.1m. (2.5m if you would like tray and walk space) (1.8m lenght with tray on mattresses)

How clean is the equiptment?

All our bedding is washed before and after every use. We use  a fragrant lavender and rosemary scented laundry liquid. It is also gentle on your skin.  It is also a plant based formula, with no phosphate, palm oil, chlorine, dyes and ammonia, Non-corrosive, not tested on animals, No SLS or SLES and is Australian made. All equipment are disinfected with a gentle but effective solution.

Do you offer delivery and set up for the slumber party?

Yes, we deliver and set up and pick up and take down for you, so you don't have to do a thing.

What bedding comes with the slumber party?

Each tee pee comes with a tee pee with themed cover, air mattress, a blanket or throw, a fitted sheet and a cushion or plush. Guests will need to bring their own pillows for hygiene purposes. but we can supply for purchasing along with pillow cases.

How long does the set up take?

Set up will take 1 to 2 hours, depending on the amount of tee pee(s) to set up. Take down is about 1 hour.

What payment is required?

A non-refundable deposit of $80.00 will be required to secure your booking for your preferred date. The booking will be confirmed over the phone and/or followed up with a confirmation email. 

When is the final payment due?

All unpaid payments are due 7 days prior to the date of the event. The $80.00 deposit will be contributed towards the overall cost.

Is there a recommendation age for a Slumber Night party?

Slumber Nights recommend ages 6-14

Are the tee pees waterproof?

No, but we can provide a water proof mattress protector if needed. Just notify us when booking your event. 

How do i book a Slumber Night party?

You can book your event by giving us a call on 0431818389/0480205745 or sending us an email. Payment of $80.00 deposit must be paid to secure your booking, you must only pay after reading the terms and conditions of this agreement. This can be done in the form of direct deposit. Ours bank details are provided on our website.

what is the cancellation policy?

The $80.00 deposit is non-refund. If you decide to cancel for any reason more than 7 days prior to the event, this amount will be returned.  For last minute cancellations within 7 days of the event, 50% of the invoiced/paid amount will be surrendered to Slumber Nights. 

What if something goes wrong?

We check and double check the equipment before it leaves our home base. After Slumber Nights arrive at your home and drop off and set up. We also leave you a S.O.S kit that includes a spare air mattress, batteries, water proof mattress protector, fitted sheet and the mattress inflator. You may also contact us if you need assistance.